I worked on designing and modeling the background panels for the puzzle game 'Bittos' with developer MACHINE UNION LLC. I also worked on designing and implementing the icons for the various shell and gameplay menus, as well as UI elements, the game board, and its game pieces.


Here are a few in-game screenshots, the one below showing red solidified "Bits" multiplying and occupying spaces on the game board.

This one shows an empty board (usually at the start of the level, or if all the solidified Bits are destroyed.

The next one shows a few Bits exploding (once you form the shape on the left side of the game board - in this case a 3x3 arrangement of Bits by cobbling together the irregular Tetris-like pieces shown on the right side of the game board). Once the player forms the arrangement, it would explode, and its blast radius damaging any stray solidified Bits.


Here is the main profile selection, game modes, and difficulty menus...

Time Attack, Audio, and Game Summary menus...