I was born in Hong Kong in 1984 and had an interest in art since I learned how to use a pencil. When I turned 5 years old I emigrated to the US with my family and settled in Modesto, California, where my Dad's relatives live closeby.

I worked through the language barrier within a couple years in grade school. Though I put in lots of time and effort learning math and science, I got the most satisfaction whenever I get an art project! I graduated with High Honors from Modesto High School's International Baccalaureate Program and got accepted into UCSD's Bioengineering Program. After 2 years as a college undergrad I decided to leave behind thermodynamics and differential equations and pursue a career utilizing my artistic and creative skillsets professionally. I transferred to Art Institute of California, San Diego in 2005 and ran through the Game Art and Design's 4-year program within 3 years. I graduated in 2008 with Honors and received my B.Sc. in GAD. Through a stroke of luck and good timing I managed to land my first gig in game development during my graduation portfolio show.

After a year into my art production role at Machine Union, I transitioned to 3D stereoscopy at Legend3D. There I learned the techniques behind producing the depth we see when watching a feature film in IMAX 3D. Two years later (2011) I have decided to return to game development and was invited back to Machine Union to work on concept art and production art assets in collaboration with PocketGems, as well as a number of internal projects. In Spring of 2014 I received a job offer from Sony Computer Entertainment and was given the opportunity to work at their branch up in Bend, Oregon. I took up the role of terrain editing and set dressing vast outdoor environments using Unreal Engine 4. There I also learned about the Physically-Based Rendering model implemented in the latest game engines, and is being widely-used in the game industry.

As I continue following my career path, it is exciting to be a part of game development history as new technologal breakthroughs are discovered, bringing us closer to photorealism in real-time simulation. As a Digital Artist I am constantly refining my skill set, keeping up with industry-standard software, and finding new methods to work faster and smarter in order to produce my best artwork!

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Location: Tulsa

Phone: (209) 380-5525

Email: vchung3d@gmail.com